Enbala Unveils Symphony by Enbala

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, February 9, 2016 – In a fundamental breakthrough for energy resource management, Enbala Power Networks today released Symphony by EnbalaTM, the first software platform delivering comprehensive control and optimization of grid-edge assets. Symphony by Enbala enables new levels of grid performance by networking renewable generation, energy storage, demand response resources, substation capacitors and other assets into the grid. The platform monitors, forecasts, orchestrates and optimizes the operations of these assets. Symphony by Enbala makes the grid edge reliable and economical.

The platform builds on the Vancouver-based software firm’s earlier success in delivering load-based ancillary services, integrating wind resources into utility operations, pioneering optimization algorithms and developing software-based solutions for grid reliability, capability and resiliency. “We built Symphony by Enbala because energy providers asked us for a single software platform that could support operating reserves, defer distribution investments, provide ancillary services and increase customer satisfaction,” said Enbala President and CEO, Bud Vos. “Symphony by Enbala improves grid performance, while it offers customers reduced costs and better information through demand-charge mitigation and rate following.”

Core platform innovations in Symphony by Enbala include a real-time optimization engine that tracks and updates network states every two seconds based on continual communications from each connected asset. Updates specify availability, capacity, ramp rate, output and consumption.

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