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What is mobility?




Mobility... it seems pretty straight forward;  the movement of people and goods,  but really that's just the start. Getting to places or having things come to you are a necessity of life, however disruptive innovation is redefining the traditional ecosystems and their participants. Impacted by the global trends of digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization, we are primarily focused on four areas within mobility: electrification, autonomy, smart mobility, and connectivity.

Over the past few years there has been significant disruption in the mobility landscape. Basic elements of our everyday life are undergoing major transformation. Whether production and consumption as well as movement (from place to place), new technologies and business models are emerging.  Electrification, autonomy, smart mobility, and connectivity are changing the ecosystem. There has been a convergence of industries including tech, power, energy, and transportation. New intelligence, autonomy, and connected solutions are optimizing resources and empowering user experiences. 


The amount of investments in the mobility space has doubled over the last few years. Electric vehicles and charging, ride sharing, battery storage, autonomous vehicle software and mapping, and telematics and intelligent traffic are just a few of the areas we are seeing major growth. 

We seek to invest in the next generation of mobility innovation shaping the converging technology, energy, utility and transportation sectors. EnerTech Capital is dedicated to providing companies across the mobility landscape with investment capital, expertise, and strategic support to drive commercialization and scale from early through growth stages of enterprise value creation.  As Founding Partner of the California Mobility Center (CMC), EnerTech Capital is aligned with the CMC’s mission by focusing on acceleration of technology commercialization in the mobility space, while also seeking to lower the risks/barriers of market adoption. We seek opportunities to transform and redefine the mobility industry through investments in compelling innovation companies that will impact the future of mobility.

Our Focus


The EnerTech Advanced Mobility Ecosystem (EAME) is a partnership, originally formed by EnerTech, Alectra, Linamar, and Western University, that focuses on creating an enhanced collaborative environment that will promote research, development, and commercialization of advanced mobility innovations. The partnership has expanded to include other corporates and academia institutions from across Canada and the United States. As the mobility sector transitions along with clean energy policies and strategies, advancements in the autonomous vehicles, electrification, fleet management, connectivity, and transportation logistics industries are imperative.

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