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Privacy Policy

Our Policy Regarding Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

EnerTech Capital receives a steady stream of new business plans each week. Without these new opportunities, our ability to make new investments would decrease substantially.

If we were to divulge the secrets of confidential business plans, not only would we destroy our relationship with entrepreneurs, we would also damage our reputation in the market. Thus, we take pride in our ability to protect the secrecy and security of each entrepreneur who presents us with a business plan. Using NDAs to protect secrecy, however, presents problems for us on two levels.

First, with the volume of deals that we see every year, such NDAs would quickly limit our ability to look at new plans and thereby limit our ability to invest. The problem is particularly acute when one considers that most of our businesses are in the narrow range of technology opportunities, so the likelihood of some overlap in business opportunity increases greatly. Second, the legal steps required to execute NDAs significantly lengthen the amount of time it takes our investment professionals to respond to entrepreneurs.

If you are ready to send us a business plan and are concerned about our NDA policy, please do not include the detailed technical specifications for your product or service in your plan. Like most investment professionals, we are more interested in the background of the individuals, the size and scope of the market opportunity and the general problem that the product or service addresses.

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