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Strategic solutions

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."             -Theodore Levitt



EnerTech originated as a corporate venture fund within the non-regulated business segment of a US-based electric utility and became an independent VC firm in 1996. The primary purpose was a double bottom-line: a financial return on the investments and strategic insights for both the core utility business and the non-regulated group of businesses.  Providing strategic insight has been  built into the firm’s DNA and we have been sharing such  insights with many strategic investors in our funds over the years. We have built relationships with various Corporate Partners and tailored specific suites of strategic benefits,  including sharing of market intelligence, deal flow, co-investment opportunities, and internship opportunities.   

One of EnerTech’s strategic differentiators compared to other ventures funds is its deep understanding of the target markets and the breadth of relationships it holds with industry incumbents. One method EnerTech uses to stay current on industry trends, needs and dynamics is to recruit Limited Partners for its funds from the industry participants. 


EnerTech is a firm that embraces continuous learning and has always organized its investment activities to facilitate the dynamic exchange of strategic knowledge between its investment team and its corporate limited partners.  








Strategic value creation and exchange is central to our pursuit of generating attractive risk adjusted returns for our investors. Since our inception, we have organized our investment activities to facilitate the exchange of strategic benefits among investors, innovators, and ecosystem stakeholders. Our limited partners benefit from exposure to emerging strategic insights, innovation ecosystem building, and strategic value.  


Our investors and partners rely on us for our expertise, as well as our creativity and resourcefulness. Unique objectives or circumstances often call for a tailored approach. We work intimately with our partners to develop customized solutions that fit individualized requirements. Our tailored solution mandates range from strategic innovation program mandates  to dedicated managed accounts to specialized investment vehicles to outsourced portfolio management. We craft solutions to fit just about any strategic innovation or investment objective. We also offer outsourced management of existing direct portfolios (Residual Portfolio Management). 

customized solutions


In 2014 we launched a Strategic Partners Program whereby companies could gain a closer look at innovation and market intelligence from an early stage company’s perspective. We also help Strategics better understand, embrace and execute innovation in order to reach a broader set of possible solutions to the challenges and opportunities they experience  or simply reduce their innovation adoption cycle. This level of involvement with our Strategic Partners help us to better calibrate our own thinking with respect to  the needs and wants of the market place, guiding us  toward  making more informed  investment decisions and providing more desirable go-to-market perspectives for  our portfolio companies.    

Long Exposure


We seek to invest in the next generation of mobility innovation shaping the converging technology, energy, utility and transportation sectors. EnerTech Capital is dedicated to providing companies across the mobility landscape with investment capital, expertise, and strategic support to drive commercialization and scale from early through growth stages of enterprise value creation.  As Founding Partner of the California Mobility Center (CMC), EnerTech Capital is aligned with the CMC’s mission by focusing on acceleration of technology commercialization in the mobility space, while also seeking to lower the risks/barriers of market adoption. 


Team: ​ 

Our team is made up of successful industry operators and investors that have worked together for many years and have generated successful exits for founders in the mobility sector.


Opportunities: ​ 

We seek opportunities to transform and redefine the Mobility industry through investments in compelling innovation companies that will impact the future of mobility .



Strategic Partners


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