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Shining a Spotlight on Utility Workers

We’re hearing a lot about ‘heroes’ these days. Doctors, nurses, 1st  responders, those working in grocery stores; people out there putting their lives on the line so that the rest of us can stay home and stay safe  while having our needs met.  There’s another  group of heroes out there  working “behind the scenes,” that  we think deserve  appreciation  as well!

Utility workers.

Imagine a hospital, your home,  or a grocery store without power. Without the ability to operate  vital  medical devices (like ventilators). Without heat or air conditioning. Without running water. Without gas. Utility workers  are the ones making sure that  does  not  become  our reality.  Without their dedication, these resources would not be available.  “Each time we turn on a water tap or flip a light  switch,  we automatically expect it to work”  (The Claremore Daily Progress). What if it didn’t?  What if you couldn’t turn on your TV for the latest COVID news? What if you couldn’t turn on your computer to check your emails or join your conference call? 

Across the US,  utilities are isolating healthy, essential employees and stockpiling necessities to prepare for these workers to live at the plants. Austria  is a few steps ahead already;  a team of 53  Wien  Energie  workers already quarantined themselves (throughout multiple plants) for close to a month to ensure the power stayed on and everyone stayed healthy (The New York Times). 

Utility  workers all over the globe are going above and beyond their normal responsibilities. Whether you work in the plants, in the office, from home, or in the field, we are proud to support  you while you so selflessly  support all of us!

Your  Friends at EnerTech

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