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Help Build Hope for Mental Illness

EnerTech Capital is taking part in the #MindonHealthChallenge to raise awareness about #mentalhealth. Too many of us suffer alone or in silence, and it's time to put an end to that. We've lost too many already, including one of our own, Eric Schmadtke.

Eric was a great friend and colleague. He was a huge advocate for a healthy work-life balance and was the first person in the room to ask you how you’re doing… and really mean it.

Health and wellness were a big part of who he was, and he encouraged everyone around him to get involved, get outside, be active, take a break, take a ride, or just take a moment. Even through his own struggle with #bipolardisorder, Eric was determined to help others find stability.

We are privileged to have known Eric for the short time we did and will always remember his strength and kindness. This challenge is dedicated to him and everyone else who has struggled with their mental health.

Please join us, together we can #makeadifference!



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