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With an Increased Focus on Mobility, EnerTech Expands its Team and Forms a New Board

With our increased focus on mobility, we have decided to enhance our insights, knowledge, network, and perspective by expanding our team in two different forms. The first is the creation of a Special Advisor role, and the second is the formation of a Mobility Advisory Board. Our general philosophy with these additions is to recognize the increasing pace of innovation driven by market demands for e-mobility from the perspective of at least two viewpoints: the massive implications this has for both the power industry (as a significant new fuel supplier) and the automotive industry (the shift to EVs is revolutionizing both of their businesses in many ways).

The newly created Special Advisor position provides a more active role in our due diligence process of potential investments. As you will see in the announcements coming soon, we are welcoming two individuals who have significant direct investment experience in the automotive tech sector. They understand the mindset, motivations, objectives, and challenges experienced in working with automotive OEMs (and related parties) and have some entrepreneurial experience of their own.

The Mobility Advisory Board adds senior executive talent with direct experience and insights to the significant challenges and opportunities relating to the mobility sector's evolution, with a priority on EV/EV charging infrastructure. These executives provide vast experience that covers the strategic, policy, regulatory, business, and technical levels of organizations key to the success of mobility in the U.S. and Canada.

Individual Press Releases are coming soon!


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