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Q&A with New Mobility Board Member, Kev Adjemian, about Advice, Vacations, & His Unique Insights!

As you have seen in recent news EnerTech is adding to our team as part of a continued expansion of the firm's focus on the mobility space. We have asked our newest mobility board member, Kev Adjemian, a few questions that we hope will provide you a glimpse into his personality and also reveal the unique insights he will bring.

What do you feel will be your most prominent contribution as a member of the EnerTech Team?

Kev: "With my extensive and broad technical background in fuel cells, batteries, biofuels, clean energy integration and electrified transportation along with working at large Automotive OEMs, Automotive startups and a DOE National Lab I believe I can provide a unique perspective and experience set when evaluating technologies and potential applications. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work on all facets of these technologies from a beaker in a laboratory all the way to mass production which also allows me to provide insights on what it really takes to bring a new idea to the consumer."

You have experience in the labs, in large automotive companies, and now in an early stage company, what advice do you give others with strong technical skills such as yourself?

Kev: "I think the best advice I can share with younger people thinking of entering or have recently entered these fields is the following: First of all it is critical to remain a continuous learner. New technologies and major strides in progress are being accomplished everyday and it is imperative to want to learn and embrace these changes. With that it is important to stay humble and realize that you will not have all of the answers at your fingertips but by being a continuous learner you have the capacity to find the right answer."

As the automotive battery systems guy, what considerations are you giving to the potential use of the automotive batteries to manage the power grid?

Kev: "With the increased demand for grid scale energy storage to level out renewable energy production and with the hopefully expansion of EV adoption, there will be a great opportunity to reuse these battery packs at the end of their useful automotive life (80% capacity, 100-150K miles) for grid scale energy storage at a $/kWh which will be amazingly competitive. Furthermore this will greatly reduce the need for battery disposal as a viable secondary life of these batteries can be achieved."

What is your dream vacation post Covid-19?

Kev: "I have two - the first is to ski in Chile during the North American summer and the second is to do a "grand tour" of Europe in my vintage Porsche 911."

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