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IPKeys Power Partners Announces Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Platform

Solution addresses critical backhaul communications network monitoring and cybersecurity threats facing Public Safety Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network operators


Nov 03, 2021, 08:00 ET

TINTON FALLS, N.J., Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- IPKeys Power Partners, the leading cybersecurity, cyber compliance, and smart grid technology company, announced today the release of its groundbreaking Network and Security Operations Center (N-SOC) platform to provide Public Safety Communications networks with a rapid, cohesive, and infrastructure agnostic solution for critical automated backhaul monitoring requirements.

N-SOC is an integrated new enterprise-wide platform combining intel from SOC and Network Operations Centers (NOC) with clearly correlated events to reduce downtime, improve resiliency and optimize support. It is part of the IPKeys Power Partners' innovative Cyber Lab as a Service® (IPKeys CLaaS®), built specifically to help organizations quickly defeat backhaul communications network failures and vulnerabilities.

"The new N-SOC Platform as a Service solution leverages 12 years of backhaul network engineering supporting the leading LMR infrastructure providers and provides public safety communications operators previously unseen real-time visibility," said Robert Nawy, CEO of IPKeys Power Partners. "Our mission is to provide the most reliable network support solutions for first responders and provide LMR operators with a vendor-agnostic, independent, and innovative view of the performance and reliability of the three primary backhaul infrastructure suppliers – Cisco, Nokia and Juniper."

IPKeys N-SOC provides a purpose-built solution for LMR backhaul networks monitoring and support, collecting real-time performance and anomaly data for radio system operators based on packet performance, monitoring the Packet Loss, Latency, Jitter and Bandwidth fluctuations. The system also presents network visualization enabling operators to quickly perform real-time diagnosis and troubleshooting of previously manual, time and labor-intensive processes.

Today, public safety radio operators often require a week or more to determine the precise location, timing, and cause of a mission-critical backhaul network event or outage. IPKeys Power Partners N-SOC continuous network monitoring provides immediate troubleshooting and solves the diagnosis in minutes, often before there is a known issue.

The benefits of an IPKeys N-SOC unified approach between cybersecurity and backhaul network management include:

  • Improved cybersecurity: When a crisis strikes, immediate action is vital. Delivers cohesive network and cyber monitoring, reducing the risk of misunderstanding or miscommunication between organizations.

  • Synergy: Eliminate multiple NOC and SOC monitoring clients to manage different segments of the network.

  • Time Savings: Pinpoint, troubleshoot, and solve backhaul network anomalies in minutes versus days or weeks.

  • Proactive Support Monitoring: N-SOC detects network failure events in process and identifies developing network problems in advance of failures.

  • Seamless Network QoS Management: Unified security and compliance monitoring ensures consistent critical infrastructure protection (CIP) management and mission-critical quality of network performance management.

  • Always Audit-Ready: N-SOC records data so network operators can quickly and thoroughly review past data, easily identify network failures and anomalies, and provide more efficient and accessible records and critical data to improve crisis response.

"N-SOC is a major step towards our vision of vendor-neutral LMR backhaul management built specifically for the radio operator community," said Daniel Havens, CTO of MPS Networks. "As LMR networks move to packet-based transport, monitoring performance and outages become more complex. IPKeys Power Partners' N-SOC platform provides a cost-effective and rapidly deployable, lightweight management system targeting factors vital to the operation of LMR networks, without the baggage of pre-existing tools that are not required or desired in LMR networks."

"Many of our clients tend to get a false sense of cybersecurity validation, backhaul network reliability, and related network performance quality based upon the backhaul infrastructure provider's brand status," said Michael Hoover, SVP Sales, MPS Networks & Cybersecurity. "IPKeys N-SOC and the entire IPKeys Cyber Lab-as-a-Service® platform addresses this mistaken perspective by precisely and proactively identifying critical threats as Ethernet and IP networks are open to attacks, and backhaul networks terminate and are connected to the outside world."

To learn more about N-SOC and IPKeys Cyber Lab-as-a-Service®, visit IPKeys Power Partners.

About IPKeys Power Partners IPKeys Power Partners industry-leading, secure OT and IoT intelligence platform addresses the complex cybersecurity, data, and communications challenges faced by operators of mission-critical networks for customers in the energy, government, and industrial markets. The company's suite of solutions encompass cybersecurity and cyber compliance for dynamic OT/IT environments, data analytics, secure energy management, and public safety network monitoring. The company is headquartered in New Jersey and has offices in California, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.

SOURCE IPKeys Power Partners

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