Investing in a Low Carbon Future

imvest CEO & Founder, Julia Wilkinson interviewed one of EnerTech's Managing Director's, Wally Hunter, on his views regarding #decarbonization and what investing looks like in a low carbon future.

imvest accelerates and capacity-builds investors, fund managers, and social entrepreneurs to generate sustainable value in their businesses and portfolios. The team aligns investments and enterprise strategies with ESG policies and impact mandates, to better manage risk and return and maximize stakeholder value. imvest also keeps investors up to date on opportunities and trends in impact investing with market intelligence research and thought-leadership. Focus areas include smart, sustainable cities, eMobility, the future of meaningful work, healthy communities, and diversity and inclusion. Julia Wilkinson, imvest's founder and CEO has 13 years experience in impact and traditional investing in PE, VC, and wealth management at Goldman Sachs.

website: www.imvest.co

LinkedIn: imvest- invent, invest, impact

Click here to watch full interview.

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