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First things first! We hope you all had a happy and healthy Easter weekend connecting with your family and friends (from a distance of course!) So why did we start a blog, you ask? Our hope is that this blog can be a place where we can share with you our thoughts on emerging technologies, energy innovation, trending topics, and well, exciting EnerTech news of course! As we know, COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented global impact on the economy, public markets, and has impaired the ability for companies to operate in a typical day-to-day manner. As our team works from home, we have been forced to explore different ways to stay in touch, stay organized, and forge ahead. Virtual meetings, online project management tools, increased phone calls, video chats (in sweatpants and a dress shirt…we all do it), texting, blogging, and video production have become our new ‘normal.’ Make sure to stay tuned for some exciting new digital content coming your way! Staying connected with our Portfolio Companies is top priority to get through this successfully. Here are the 5 main areas we are focusing on with them to help with the challenges of COVID-19 and its impact on their teams, operations, and sales processes: · Employees – safety measures? ability to work from home? virtual team “water cooler chats”? · Customers & Revenue – impact on customers and pipeline of revenue? · Financial position – what is the expected net impact on the cash position? · Cost structure – is there a contingency plan? · Future Financing – do they anticipate the need of investor reserves for ‘emergency’ follow-on investment? · Personal Health/Well-being – how are they coping? We encourage you to continue exploring the many safe social distancing options available for connecting with your loved ones and business partners. Please stay healthy, stay safe, stay home, and stay in touch. Together, we will get through this. You can always find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or this blog! Warmest regards, Your Friends at EnerTech



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