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EV Fleet Charging - It Takes a Village!

Last week EnerTech hosted a webinar from our Strategic Summit Series, discussing EV Fleet Charging and it's evolving technologies and business models. This webinar focused on how the EV charging ecosystem, market, and regulations are evolving and how we can all prepare to make the most of this opportunity...after all, it takes a village to make fleet charging a success!

We had an amazing panel moderated by Wally Hunter, EnerTech Managing Director. Ajay Chawan (Guidehouse), Stephen Koskoletos (ABB) and Vic Shao (Amply) explored the EV charging infrastructure value-chain and all it's dynamic parts concerning fleets; perspectives, market growth & opportunities, adoption, challenges & solutions.

The Key Take-aways:

Educating the marketplace is the biggest hurdle to marketplace adoption

No one size fits all approach to working with customers - highly dependent on application, use

case, customer, etc.

Things always take longer and are more expensive than anticipated

Market opportunity is massive, diverse, multifaceted – value chain & ecosystem are evolving

dynamically with many dimensions, variables, stakeholder types

Standards & interoperability are key

Data is key to much of the value available

Taking a holistic vs. siloed approach to implementation (“it takes a village” dynamic)

Future infrastructure requirements/spend are massive as transition to electric vehicles unfolds

•Establishing reference designs for certain fleet recharging installations can be a key element to

lowering project cost and speeding project implementation

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event such a success! The countdown is on for our next virtual strategic event, will you be there?

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