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EnerTech Capital Wins CVCA'S VC Global Dealmaker Award for Investment in Ushr Inc.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the CVCA as the inaugural recipient of the VC Global Dealmaker Award in our investment in Ushr Inc. Our success with GeoDigital and ultimately the spinout of Ushr is reflective of EnerTech’s commitment to the Canadian market and the great job the CVCA has done to create a world-class venture ecosystem to fund and expand Canadian companies globally.

Since 1996, we have been investing in energy, mobility and smart city start-ups helping their companies commercialize cross-industry applications for their technologies. In recent years, our expertise has also been sought out by forward looking utilities from our Strategic Partner network.

We are working with Strategic Partners in Canada and the US to proactively develop and commercialize innovative strategies and technologies that better position them to remain competitive as these critical market segments continue to converge. One great example is our partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to establish the California Mobility Center (CMC), a public-private business acceleration hub in the future mobility space. CMC will provide qualifying, advanced mobility start-ups from around the world with a faster path to commercialization for their products, and will provide members with first-hand involvement in a broad swath of new automotive technologies, including electric vehicles and the many elements of the electric charging infrastructure, that have huge implications for the energy grid.

Thank you to @CVCA for recognizing @EnerTechCapital's investment in @Ushr Inc.

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