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Happy Earth Day!

#earthday is all about climate action: it’s about educating ourselves and spreading awareness. We all want to live in a world with clean water and fresh air and today is the day to ask yourself “am I part of the problem, or part of the solution?”

Did you know the first Earth Day was in 1970?! For over 50 years has been on a mission to encourage change. They have over 1 BILLION members and 75 THOUSAND partners all working towards a cleaner planet 🌎

In celebration of Earth Day, we thought we would share a few ways that we, here at EnerTech, are helping to reduce our #carbonfootprint

· Drive a hybrid 🚗

· Shop local farms for meat & produce 🧀🥩

· Recycle ♻️

· Switched to cloth napkins and bamboo toilet paper 🧻

· Installed a high-quality water filtration system to eliminate the need to purchase disposable bottles of water 🚰

· Switched to reusable bags for grocery shopping, including mesh bags for vegetables 🛒

· Have a water filter & carry a reusable bottle (literally) everywhere I go so I don’t need to use plastic water bottles 💦

· Turn off water when I'm not using it & lights whenever I leave the room 💡🔋

· Turn off water when I'm not using it & lights whenever I leave the room 💡

· Chemical free household – cleaners, beauty products, etc. ☣️

· Haven’t printed anything for work since COVID hit 🌳

· Use energy efficient appliances and windows 🏡

· Trying to have a greener thumb in the garden (not saying it’s working out, but giving it a valiant effort!) 🌻🐝

· Test drove Tesla Model Y and waiting for the cost to come further down, love the engine noise!

· Donate to WWF monthly

· Picking up trash on side of the road! 🚯

· Not driving my car at all because I am in COVID lockdown…does that qualify? 😂

For more tips on how you too can make a difference visit

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