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Arlen Orchard Receives APPA's Exceptional Leadership Award...and has great socks!

I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Arlen Orchard over the past few years. A significant portion of our interaction has been on the design and launch of a major strategic initiative for SMUD – the California Mobility Center. This initiative reflects Arlen’s visionary capabilities: the CMC embraces the concept of ‘innovation while doing’ in an ‘open and inclusive’ environment; the belief is that this novel approach results in a public-private “Commercialization Collaborative” that shall benefit both the electric and mobility industry sectors in coming together. I can attest, he is not winding down as he heads toward retirement from SMUD but steadily launching something that will have significant positive impact for years to come. Oh, and if you know him, he will routinely dazzle you with his expressive sock collection.


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