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Why is Venture Capital & Innovation Exciting Today?

Historically, EnerTech’s focus has been on new technology developments in the power and energy spaces, as well as any converging or intersecting ecosystems. The current evolution of the mobility sector has a massive amount of overlap; in fact, there is a co-dependency forming between the power and automotive industries in the electrification of the transportation sector. While there have been many years of environmental policy activity encouraging this transition, there is strong evidence that the marketplace is now driving the transformation of e-mobility – consumers and businesses alike.

Market demand for an increasing pace of change on this scale presents a challenge for both industries. In short, neither can innovate fast enough internally. They need to look for entrepreneurial spirit, pace, creativity, mindset toward risk, and other factors which are dominantly found in early-stage companies.

This increased interaction between well-established incumbents and early-stage companies is more clearly surfacing as a challenge because of different cultures and different near-term motivations. In the end, both sides have an increasingly common view of the world.

I’m very excited that my experience with EnerTech and involvement with the newly formed California Mobility Center is more relevant than ever. I am able to work deeply within both sides of the equation engaging with early-stage companies and inside of industry incumbents.

More announcements to come around EnerTech’s increasing involvement in the mobility space!

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