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New Team Member, Mary Joyce, Gives Us Some Unique Insights and her Post-COVID Vacation Spot!

As you have seen in recent news, EnerTech is adding to our team as part of a continued expansion of the firm's focus on the mobility space. We have asked our newest team member and Special Advisor, Mary Joyce, a few questions that we hope will provide you a glimpse into her personality and also reveal the unique insights she will bring.

What do you feel will be your most prominent contribution as a member of the EnerTech Team?

Mary: "Throughout my career, I have met thousands of smart, innovative people in the Automotive and Mobility industries that have helped me and continue to help me stay up to date on trends, regulations, pain points and opportunities in the space. Leveraging my network and its collective knowledge will be the most prominent contribution."

From your vantage point, what areas of the world are most active in bringing to mobility innovation to market?

Mary: "All major OEM’s and Tier’s around the world are racing to deploy innovative mobility products. We see lot’s of activity in the United States, China, Japan, Germany and South Korea, which are more traditional markets, but there are innovative companies popping up in Israel, Singapore, California, Texas and less traditional locations."

Are there any trends in the types of friction points companies hit in meeting performance standards?

Mary: "Connected Autonomous vehicles arguably will face infinite scenarios that they must react properly to. There are big advances in simulation and related methods to verify and validate, but this is still a friction point. As mobility becomes more and more complex, it’s impossible to ensure safe deployment without expansive testing at all stages in the development process. This drives up cost, so we are seeing more partnerships in the industry.

Second, you can’t really read the news without noticing the huge focus on electrification. There are some friction points in battery lifecycle. Where will all the batteries go after their useful life on a vehicle? As a society, we need to focus on recycling and reuse.

Finally, cybersecurity is a pain point. As complexity and connectivity grows, it creates more attack surfaces and greater risk. Electrified vehicles connect to the national grid to charge, so a cyber breach can have ripple effects."

What is your dream vacation post Covid-19?

Mary: "I’d love to spend time in the Galapagos Islands. I love nature and wildlife-viewing. The Galapagos Islands are a providence of Ecuador and shelters diverse plant and animal species. Many of these species can not be found anywhere in the world like the Galapagos tortoise and penguins."

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