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A Glimpse Behind the Camera: Filming the CMC Innovating Innovation Video Series

By Scott Ungerer, Founder and Managing Director

Mark Rawson and I have been working on the ideation, creation, implementation, and operation of the California Mobility Center (CMC) since October 2018. In February 2019, Lou Carmellini joined the CMC project. Between talking amongst ourselves and with the CMC marketing team in preparation for the official commercial launch of the CMC, the three of us decided we wanted to create a series of videos to explain in more detail different aspects of the CMC, and to answer some of the questions we were getting asked. A few examples of these questions are, “how do you define mobility?”, “what are Clients, Members, and Preferred Service Providers, and how do they interact with each other?”, and “how does the CMC differ from accelerators and incubators?” We also discuss how the CMC was created as a single-point of entry to the existing mobility ecosystem in California, and how the CMC helps smooth out any difficulties faced in relationships between industry incumbents and early-stage innovation companies.

I will preface this by saying that none of us are experts at doing normal written blogs, let alone video blogs. As my lovely wife would say, it was truly a HOOT. None of us realized how difficult it is to do a video blog! Lou laid out a plan for what we wanted to address in each video, and we thought it would be as simple as having a conversation between the three of us – boy were we wrong. An expert set up the session and then left. I felt abandoned as I thought the expert was going to fill the role of director while shooting, but we were left alone to conduct the session ourselves. (Note from expert and blog editor [aka Jessica Ungerer aka Scott’s daughter]: I was instructed to not stay on the call because they would be just fine... I did say to call if they needed anything and I did not get a phone call! 😝)

I can’t tell you have many takes and retakes we did on specific points (Note from editor: I can, and don’t let Scott fool you – they did way better than he’s leading you to believe!) In the middle of a question from Lou or an answer from Mark or me, we’d raise our hand or shout out to stop because one of many things were wrong… words weren’t clear, the messaging was slightly off, our body was pointing in the wrong direction, and several other reasons. Although it sounds very frustrating it was actually lots of fun, as the three of us shared a LOT of laughs! My biggest issue was I kept looking at either Lou or Mark on my screen instead of the camera – I am looking forward to having meetings (or recording videos!) face-to-face instead of digitally again. Overall, we spent nearly 3 hours creating this series of 4 videos, all of which are under 10 minutes.

Despite the low level of frustration, we remain undeterred due to the high level of laughs. You can definitely count on seeing some more from the same group in the future! We hope you find them interesting, relevant, and enjoyable. Please click the links below to watch our Innovating Innovation series over on the CMC website!

Note from editor: keep an eye out for a blooper reel coming to a blog near you 😉

Watch all 4 Innovating Innovation Videos Here


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