NanoSteel Gains Attention of both the Steel Industry and the Automotive OEM's

What if you can serve both the steel industry and the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) at the same time, benefiting them both, without disrupting either industry’s business models or competitiveness?

That’s pretty much NanoSteel’s proposition.

NanoSteel, a designer of nano-structured steel materials, occupies a very specific niche between both sectors, and the company’s business model, may have just started go get some attention. Ironically, the attention comes not from the production of a specific product but, rather, how they go to market with it.

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How the Model Works

Think of Nanosteel as the Dolby Sound Technologies of the industrial manufacturing world. NanoSteel’s model is like Dolby noise reduction – they don’t make the music players themselves, but essentially licenses its technologies to the auto manufacturers, said Craig Parsons, president of NanoSteel, in a recent interview with MetalMiner.

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