NanoSteel AHSS Alloys Undergoing Trails by Automakers

Image: NanoSteel Structural Formation.png

Principal steps in the formation of unique nanostructures in NanoSteel AHSS sheet alloys. (Click the arrow at top right of image to view more images.)

Basic car structures have traditionally been stamped from sheet steel, but stricter fuel-economy standards have the auto industry turning increasingly to more costly alternative materials including thin-gauge advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) grades that unfortunately do not stamp well, or light-but-strong aluminum alloys and fiber-reinforced polymer composites, which entail costs not just from the materials themselves but from the need to retool assembly lines and reconfigure supply chains to use them.

Metallurgists in industry and academia are working overtime to develop so-called third-generation AHSS grades whose enhanced physical properties—high strength plus ready formability—aim to keep steel in the auto frame game. But those developmental high-performance steel alloys have yet to hit the market.

Now a dark-horse newcomer is trying to elbow its way into this budding market. NanoSteel, a family of nanostructured ferrous alloys, offers high elongation properties at ambient temperatures, which provides cold-forming capabilities not seen in current high-strength steels, which are brittle.

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