NanoSteel - Advancing the Science of Steel

NanoSteel Company Inc. (Providence, RI), designs proprietary nano-structured steel material. The company has researched, developed and commercialized surface coatings and foils since its founding in 2002. These products have been used in the oil & gas, mining cement/concrete and power industries. Now NanoSteel’s Advanced High Strength Steel sheet is on the verge of being used in automotive bodies in white (BIW). NanoSteel has developed a new class of nano-structured advanced high strength steel (AHSS) which delivers high strength and high ductility in a cold-formable steel.

“It will allow automakers to use thinner gauges of steel to lightweight vehicles without compromising safety,” said Craig Parsons, NanoSteel President of Automotive. “This material provides the unique combination of high tensile strength and high ductility properties resulting in performance beyond the boundaries of existing AHSS sheet materials.” 

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