EnerTech Forges New Collaboration

EnerTech Capital Announces Strategic Collaboration with Hydro-Quebec Research Institute (IREQ)

April 9, 2014, Montreal – EnerTech Capital (“EnerTech”) is pleased to announce today that it has forged a strategic collaboration with Hydro-Quebec Research Institute (IREQ). The collaboration between EnerTech and IREQ will see the two groups working together in the field of technologies servicing the electric power industry. The two groups will share knowledge and explore new commercialization strategies for technologies within IREQ and through EnerTech’s global network investment opportunities in the power industry.

The collaboration ties in closely with EnerTech’s history in the electric industry. The firm was originally founded in 1996 out of a U.S electric utility (Atlantic Energy) and has been successfully investing in the energy technology sector since that time and has invested in 62 companies.  The firm just recently announced its closing of a fourth fund of just under $120 Million. EnerTech and will continue to follow the firm’s strategy of making investments more broadly across the energy sector including its focus on the power industry. EnerTech has already made four investments in their new fund (ECP IV) including:  N-Dimension (cyber security for critical infrastructure); Space-Time Insight (big data); HPC Energy (horizontal drilling technologies); and Distech Controls (building automation).  EnerTech is focused on investments across North America and has offices in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Philadelphia and Menlo Park.

 We are very excited to announce the collaboration with the Hydro Quebec Research Institute (IREQ). Hydro Quebec is a global leader in emerging technologies for the power sector and we believe this strategic collaboration will lead to many great investment opportunities within the Province of Quebec”

Wally Hunter – Managing Director, EnerTech Capital

“The collaboration with IREQ ties in with the roots of our firm which came out of the power industry. IREQ is a great partner for us to have and we believe that we will both see great opportunities and will get leverage off one another’s networks in the power space.”   

Scott Ungerer – Managing Director and Founder, EnerTech Capital

“The collaboration with IREQ will provide us with great visibility for emerging technologies in the power space in Quebec and allows us to help build off the significant technology base they have developed. Hydro-Quebec/IREQ is a key part of the venture ecosystem in Quebec and they will help spur new and innovative technologies that will provide future investment opportunities for our fund

Anne-Marie Bourgeois– VP Investments Quebec, EnerTech Capital

“We are pleased to be partnered with EnerTech.  With their recent expansion into Quebec, the firm has become a key part of the Quebec ecosystem and their long history and domain expertise in the power space will help build some great technology investment opportunities. We look forward to working with them as they build their power technology portfolio in Quebec and across North America.”

Charles Gagnon -IREQ

About EnerTech Capital

EnerTech Capital is a private investment firm focused on innovation in the energy and power industries: early to mid-stage companies that offer products or services that dramatically improve the profitability of producing or consuming energy.  Founded in 1996, the firm has managed approximately $500 million and has delivered 32 exits.  EnerTech Capital is currently investing out of its fourth fund and has offices in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Philadelphia and Menlo Park.

About Hydro-Quebec Research Institute (IREQ)

Hydro-Québec is the only electric utility in North America to invest a yearly average of $100 million in R&D.The IREQ team is made up of approximately 500 talented people: a broad range of scientists, technicians, engineers, specialists and multidisciplinary professionals pool their efforts and expertise to support Hydro-Québec in every facet of its operations and future development from electricity generation to customer service.


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