EnerTech Autonomous Driving Company USHR Receives Coverage in the Financial Times

"Parts of this emerging network have already helped GM gain wide acclaim in the industry for Super Cruise, its hands-free driving technology. A key enabler for this service came from Ushr, a company with 60 employees which provided GM with high-definition maps covering every major highway in Canada and the US.

Ushr mapped highways to an accuracy of 15cm using laser-based lidar (light detection and ranging) technology. While other self-driving technologies have terabytes of data in the cloud that gets transferred to the car when needed, Ushr reduced 130,000 miles of high-definition maps to a 300-megabyte file that stays in the car, says Chris Thibodeau, Ushr general manager.

“GM has approached autonomous driving from a systems integration perspective,” Mr Thibodeau says. “It’s not about the technology of one company, it’s about taking data from the camera, maps, the sensor, and making it work well together.”"

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