EnerTech originated as a corporate venture fund in 1994 within the non-regulated business segment of a US-based electric utility. The primary purpose was a double bottom-line: a financial return on the investments and strategic insights for both the core utility business and the non-regulated group of businesses. Providing strategic insight has been built into the firm’s DNA and we have been sharing such insights with many strategic investors in our funds over the years. We have built partnerships with over 20 Strategics and tailored specific suites of strategic benefits; including sharing of market intelligence, dealflow, co-investment and internship. In 2014 we launched a Strategic Partner Program whereby companies could gain a closer look at innovation and market intelligence from an early stage company’s perspective. We also help Strategics better understand, embrace and execute innovation in order to reach a broader set of possible solutions to the challenges and opportunities they experience and simply reduce their innovation adoption cycle. This level of involvement with our Strategic Partners help us to better calibrate our own thinking with respect to the needs and wants of the marketplace, guiding us toward making more informed investment decisions and providing more desirable go-to-market perspectives for our portfolio companies.    


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